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Erchonia Corporation has advanced modern medicine by introducing low level laser as a viable non-invasive medical modality, obtaining market clearances for the treatment of:

·         Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

·         Reduction in Post-Surgery Pain

·         Circumference Reduction – Waist, Hips,
Thighs, Stomach, Upper Arms

·         Appearance of Cellulite

·         Chronic Heel Pain


Ongoing Clinical trials and future market  

·         Low Back Pain

·         Diabetes

·         Obesity

·         Foot Fungus (Onychomycosis)    


Erchonia Corporation developed the medical market for low level laser technologies by obtaining the first 510(k) clearance medical IFU for a 3LT modality. We continue to succeed by:

·         Formulation of indications for use that solve socially relevant issues

Ø  Focus on non-invasive, non-opiate based pain management

Ø  Focus on reduction of Dia-Obesity

·         Comprehensive IRB approved, level 1 clinical trials

·         Bringing the idea to reality, from concept to market

·         Collaborative relationship with regulating agencies

·         Total commitment to quality products, service and customer relationship

·         Education and advancement of 3LT and the medical and health care disciplines


Erchonia Corporation has conducted research, placed and or sold devices to:

·         Dept. of Veteran Affairs

·         Dept. of Defense

·         Mayo Clinic

·         Arizona Burn Center

·         University of California San Diego

·         Michigan State


GSA Contract application -- Pending

NAICS Code: 3345510 - Electromedical therapy equipment manufacturing, Laser equipment, electromedical, manufacturing, Laser systems and equipment, medical, manufacturing

 Cage Code: 4XKE3

DUNS: 004043174


Erchonia Corporation is owned and operated by Kevin Tucek, former US Navy diver and Steven Shanks.  Together they have built a company that creates advanced solutions to today’s universal problems.


Information & product contact:

Steven Shanks, President 

Erchonia Corporation, LLC
2021 Commerce Dr.
McKinney, TX 75069

PH: 214.544.2227

FX: 214.544.2228