Intellectual Property

The term Intellectual Assets is a broad term to comprise Patents, Trade-Marks, Copyrights and Industrial Design, such as Trade Secrets, Formulas, etc.  Each type of intellectual asset has its own development course and rules of law concerning same.  Method and Device patents come into being through knowledge of the industry, experience and through research results.  As example, as the scope of a research project is being defined Erchonia is also assessing the patentability of the method that will be the final outcome of the study protocol, once approved.  Additionally, if clinical trial results dictate a modification to an existing device, the changes are compared against existing patents and submitted.  The outcome of this approach ensures that the protocol defined in the study is protected by a method patent, and the device used in the study is protected by a device patent; both held by Erchonia.  Trade-Marks are defined in support of a product and / or method and represent the branding of our line.  Erchonia actively protects their intellectual assets as Intellectual Assets, and the control of same; add to the financial strength and potential of our company.

The following list of Erchonia IP covers US patents issued, US pending patents that have reached the published for public knowledge stage of the review process, and issued US trademarks.  This list does not cover the numerous pending patents in the US that have not cycled to the publishing phase and / or our International patents, patent pending and trademarks.  Erchonia Corporation hold numerous foreign patents and trademarks, as each US filed is accompanied by application via the PCT.


* 7,118,588 Scanning treatment laser
* 6,746,473 Therapeutic laser device
* 6,605,079 Method for performing lipoplasty using external laser radiation
* 6,013,096 Hand-held laser light generator device
* 20090132012 Method for pretreating patient before surgery
* 20080172045 Acne treatment device
* 20080125837 Noninvasive method for site-specific fat reduction with catalyst
* 20070135870 Method for treating hearing loss
* 20070100402 Fat reduction using external laser radiation and niacin
* 8,932,338 Non-invasive method for site-specific fat reduction


Laseressence™ THL™
Laserologist® Lasersculpting™


Laserology® Laser Healthcare™
Neira-4L® Nothing Heals Faster™
ProPerformance® Verju™
Takes the Scar Out of Scar Tissue™


Laser PetCare™  



* 6,875,186 Pressure-actuated percussive device
* 6,599,260 Chiropractic percussor apparatus having compact percussion-applying head assembly centrally attached to reciprocatory push rod


* 7,169,169 Chiropractic adjustor apparatus with rotation hub
* 6,602,211 Chiropractic adjustor apparatus
* 6,537,236 Chiropractic adjustor apparatus having housing configured for enhanced heat dissipation and symmetrical force-transmitting shaft support
* D460,190 Chiropractic adjustor apparatus


* 7,341,597 Method and apparatus for electrolytic hydrotherapy
* 20090005723 Combination iontophoresis and detoxifying device and methods for use
* 20080021372 Iontophoresis device