Quality Commitment

Our mission statement -- Quality Not Compromise™ is engrained in every aspect of our business, from an unwavering belief in the limitless potential applications of low- level laser, down to the care and quality of the smallest component of our devices. Just pick up any Erchonia product and feel the quality of workmanship and see the attention to detail that can only come from Erchonia's near-complete control of the manufacturing and assembly processes that go into each product bearing the Erchonia name. Even the tiniest details do not go unnoticed. For example, carefully examine the small plastic knobs or switches on any of Erchonia's adjustors or percussors. Even these seemingly insignificant parts are individually machined from solid blocks of plastic within Erchonia's family-run plant to ensure the highest possible quality. And why, you ask, would anyone take so much time and effort to build a simple knob, switch or dial? It's not a matter of time or effort; it's a matter of quality.

We want everyone who invests in an Erchonia product to know that because we pay that much attention to something as insignificant as a knob or button, they can be supremely confident that Erchonia will stand behind everything we sell because we know EXACTLY what went into every step.